Aug 082012
Brandi Passante from Storage Wars - 11 Photos

Apart from being caught in the Olympics these last couple of weeks I have also found myself strangely addicted to Storage Wars, a show on the History Channel here in the UK. In Storage Wars auctions are held on out of date storage lockers and the highest bidders get to keep whatever is inside, hoping to make a profit. Brandi Passante is one of the bidders on the show.                  

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Aug 032012
Katarina Johnson Thompson - 10 Photos

Yesterday I had never even heard of Katarina Johnson Thompson, but today while watching Jessica Ennis kick ass in the Heptathlon I found myself transfixed by the easy-going 19-year-old Liverpudlian. Shes a former World Junior Champion and after the hurdles and high jump was third in the standings. Lets hope her amazing form continues so the cameras continue to focus on this beauty.                  

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Aug 012012

I guess the title of this video says it all. Enjoy.


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