Aug 292013
Legends aren't Born, They're Dropped

Heineken have launched their newest and in my opinion their best campaign yet and that is their “Voyage” campaign. If you’re unaware of this brilliant new chapter in Heineken’s Legends platform… Where have you been?! No seriously if you have not heard of it I’ll just give you a quick rundown explanation of what it’s all about. Heineken select different people to go on the “Voyage” of their lifetime which starts off with them being “Dropped” in completely unfamiliar and usually very harsh places. They are then given very basic items to complete a job or task which will force

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Jul 202013
The Crazy, Sexy, Funny Amanda Bynes - 12 Photos

Just what the hell is going on with the once hot, sexy and funny Amanda Bynes I have no fricking idea. From drink driving, emotional twitter rants about Drake, Rihanna and the Obama’s, and that crazy wig. She sure has fallen a long way since her Nickleodeon days. Let’s take a look in pictures.                      

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Jun 052013
Emily Ratajkowski - The Girl from Robin Thicke Blurred Lines Video - 12 Photos

Emily Ratajkowski is the beautiful brunette who can currently be seen dancing about naked in the unrated version of Robin Thickes Blurred Lines music video. She has also appeard in the Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s burger commercial with Sara Underwood and believe it or not was actually in a couple of I-Carly episodes in her younger days.                      

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May 102013
Hot Iggy Azalea, The New Girl of Hip Hop - 15 Photos

The sexy Iggy Azalea (Real name Amethyst Amelia Kelly) is an Australian born hip hop recording artist currently signed with Island Def Jam and Mercury. This new girl of hip hop smashed her way onto the music scene with her debut single ‘Work’ and is now working on releasing her debut album ‘The New Classic’ sometime later in 2013. Check out these 15 hot pictures of Iggy Azalea.                            

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May 042013
Laura Haddock is Lucrezia Donati from Da Vinci Demons - 15 Photos

Best known for her role in The Inbetweeners movie, Laura Haddock is the beautiful 27 year old English actress now starring in the hit new show on Fox, Da Vinci’s Demons, as Lucrezia Donati. Why not check out some more photos of the stunning Laura right here.                            

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